Thank you

Playing a great show in Dubuque won’t make you famous. We’re a small town and we’re pretty far away from most things. You can’t get rich as an artist in Dubuque, there just isn’t that much money in the job. The only reason a band would play here is for a real love of creating. That sort of honesty isn’t replicable in most places, it’s almost inherent to a town. Therefore, I believe every word these musicians sang just because they chose to sing them here.  

Thank you to Aaron Hefel and The Lift for working so closely with us to make supporting music something we can do together and not some dumb competition. Thank you to Main Street Dubuque, Codfish, Monk’s, L May, Brazen, Kristina Castaneda and Katy Wethal for all of the collaboration.

Thanks to Shea, Abigail, Bernie, Amber, Nick and David for being the greatest group of people I’ve ever worked with. Making sure you were happy and supported was my biggest goal and I hope you felt that.

The Fox Den was a place to have a good time and see the best damn bands in the world, let’s keep it that way.   

-Jeremy Quentin